Itree offers deployment models that fit your technology architecture, your business processes and your users, including desktop and mobile device varieties built on enterprise managed environments or private cloud services. Advanced technology embedded in our framework allows you to utilise market leading products, giving you fast, powerful search capabilities, reporting and intelligent analytics with an assured level of quality.


Our REGULATIONWORKS® core platform modules are the foundation of our constantly evolving software solutions. These can operate independently as a single component or can be extended over time to create a unified business solution, that integrates with your existing enterprise network applications.
  • Transactions
  • Payments
  • Exemptions
  • Ownership
  • Registration
  • Asset Tracking
  • Certification
  • Self-service Integration
  • Intelligent Reporting
  • Risk Ratings
  • Histories
  • Mobile Enforcement
  • Risk-based Targeting
  • Intercepts & Inspections
  • Notice Issue
  • Application Handling
  • Licencing & Accreditation
  • Case Management
  • Sanctions & Enforcement
  • Prosecutions


A source you can rely on

RegistrationWorks® supports the registration of industry owned assets, such as vehicles, vessels, aircrafts, or any other asset that must meet strict standards relating to integrity, safety or community accepted limits. As a high integrity register, RegistrationWorks® maintains a detailed set of attributes, ownership history and full transaction history for the lifetime that the asset is tracked.


Operational and occupational licensing made simple

LicenceWorks® supports the full range of occupational and operational licensing regimes enabling regulators to productively manage the entire application and renewal process, review eligibility and approval of licences to an individual and organisation.



Approved access to infrastructure

AccessWorks® is a regulatory approval solution, which helps you to manage the submission, review, and approval of permits for industry participants who require special or restricted access to infrastructure assets such as roads, airports, ports, and other natural resources.


Know the history, identify the risk

IntelligenceWorks® consolidates disparate sources of data into a single, reliable source of information that can be used to enhance executive, operational and tactical decision-making. Intelligent information outputs enhance the capabilities of investigators, risk assessors and enforcement officers, to help you operate with total clarity and transparency.



Complete case management

DecisionWorks® provides an end-to-end case management solution, from initiation through to sanction or court prosecution. The solution has wide-ranging applications for regulators that want to improve case management productivity and increase the use of intelligence in investigations to ensure tactical decisions are consistent with strategic objectives.


On the move enforcement

InspectorWorks® provides field officers with access to real-time information, helping to improve on location decision making and automate traditional paper-based tasks, keeping field productivity high. It improves the accuracy and timeliness of data, delivers unified processing of intercepts and inspections, advances offence management and targets enforcement of high-risk areas more effectively.

NEW - see Itree’s InspectorWorks Mobile edition



Simplifying time and asset management

ResourceWorks® handles rostering, timesheets and activity reporting for staff working in government agencies or connected contract delivery operations. The solution is ideal for public sector regulators who need to track, maintain and certify fixed and mobile assets, to ensure the integrity of the agency.


More online services in less time

MyWorks® provides an online self-service portal that is integrated with your back office systems, to reduce the burden of paper-based activities for you and your customers. It is ideal for public sector regulators that want to extend their online service delivery, improve the dissemination of information to the public and increase the productivity of their staff and customers.

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Transport Safety Suite (TSS)

TSS has been specifically designed to enable compliance and enforcement authorities to achieve the required regulatory outcomes for all transport safety matters. Itree solutions monitor and report on speed, fatigue, mass, dimensions, emissions and other road safety aspects. We empower inspectors with valuable real time information to improve consistent decision-making in the field. Our back office solutions automate workflows for adjudication and sanction activities.

TSS contains 7 core systems that address these regulatory requirements. An agency can adopt single or multiple modules, or select the desired program components of a module, to suit the desired needs. Over time, implementations can be expanded to select additional programs or modules, offering you complete future flexibility to meet evolving demands, scale, or further integrate, whilst complying with current budgetary and legislative boundaries.


For management of Programs & Schemes including Intelligent Access Program, National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, and Livestock.

  • Application Management
  • Accreditation Management
  • Entity Management
  • Accreditation Inspections
  • Offences & Investigations


For automated monitoring and management of fatigue, speed (fixed and mobile), average speed, red-light, bus lane, vehicle emissions, over dimension, and off route.

  • Camera Monitoring & Management
  • Telematics Monitoring
  • Incident Processing & Adjudication
  • Travel Time Calculations
  • Authorised Vehicle List
  • Vehicles of Interest
  • Alerts
  • Vendor Performance Auditing
  • Court Evidence Pack


For management of on-road inspections, scheduled inspections, and automated safety stations.

  • Vehicle Intercepts & Inspections
  • Vehicle & Driver Compliance History
  • Offence Notices
  • Notice Approval
  • Infringement Management
  • Activities & Timesheets
  • Shifts & Sessions
  • Site & Region Management
  • Equipment Maintenance


User & Feature Access Management







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Our Technology

Itree solutions are built on high quality, market leading technology components – Java, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Tableau, IBM, ESRI and HP. Our solutions are ready to integrate with your existing architecture via an open API, providing you the flexibility to connect an end-to-end ecosystem. Our experts are here to help ensure that your systems don’t just talk to each other, that they can work together for the outcome you need.
Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft SQL Server
Tableau Software
HP Records Manager
Grunt Java

Document Solutions

  • TRIM
  • SharePoint
  • Intelledox
  • Windward
  • BIRT

Access & Security

  • Active Directory
  • ADSF
  • LDAP
  • SAML


  • IBM i2 Analyst Notebook
  • Microsoft Power BI stack
  • Tableau

Finance & CRM

  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • MS Dynamics SL
  • FinanceOne
  • Xero & Dovico

Quality Assured

We take pride in producing quality outputs and strive to do things right first time. Layers of testing are applied throughout our cycles, with automated testing and continuous integration. Our tool set evolves as innovations emerge, today we use applications such as Karma, Selenium and Tosca Test Suite.

Tosca TestSuite

Intelligent Reporting

Data can only be extracted successfully if it’s stored correctly. Our teams work closely with you to determine how you will use data, to ensure it is optimally stored, flowing through to reporting that really drives your ability to make accurate and effective business decisions. Presenting reports in a visually-rich and engaging way, offers improved ability for operational users to identify patterns over time.

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Flexible deployment

Configure a solution best for you off the shelf, add customisation where you need it, then deploy across the best medium for your business needs.