2017 ShipIT @ Itree was a blast!

ShipIT 2017

Behind the scenes

Winners of ShipIT 2017!

Best Solution Award

Imagine one day you see a suspicious person, a robbery, a car accident, rubbish being dumped, or a cigarette tosser, etc. Who do you need to contact to report the incident? Which number do you call, email address to use or form?

The solution proposed is a mobile application combined with cloud-based technology that allows citizens to report the incident fast and easily. Utilising information that is already available on most smart devices, the community can report any issue or incident without a fuss. The team was able to demonstrate a working mobile application and cloud-based solution at the end of the 12-hour ShipIT!

Best Presentation Award

Organisations want the ability to set up and manage standard checklists that can be deployed to employees. It sounds simple - but is it? Solutions available in the market today can be too simple, hard to extend, or too complex - taking too long to configure or deploy.

The challenge was to build a mobile application with extendable architecture (data model, interface and modules) within 12 hours. The winning team was able to demonstrate the mobile application, cloud-based solution, product website and pricing structure. Amazing!

What is it?

Our ShipIT initiative gives you the chance to freely innovate and evolve your ideas in to reality. The best ideas win prizes, bragging rights, and the potential to take a prototype through to production.

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Each project creates a prototype that aligns with a current theme - Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, or Cloud.


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