Experts in your industry

As specialists in regulation, we boast an extraordinary depth of experience gained working in partnership with our customers to build intelligent solutions across many domains.


Itree is an expert in Road and Vehicle Transport

Roads & Vehicle Transport

Ensuring safer Roads in our communities, protecting our infrastructure.

Itree is an expert in Maritime


Keeping our seas safe and clean across Maritime jurisdictions.

Itree is an expert in Transport Security

Transport Security

A unified approach to making Transport safe and secure.

Itree is an expert in Fisheries & Primary Industries

Fisheries & Primary Industries

Sustainable and safe Industry through intelligent regulation.

Itree is an expert in Rail Network

Rail Network

Safeguarding Rail networks through informed decision making.

Itree is an expert in Liquor & Gambling

Liquor & Gambling

Enabling safe, responsible and compliant supply through targeted enforcement.

Itree is an expert in Child Safety

Child Safety

Sharing information nationally to ensure child safety.