Keeping our seas safe and clean across Maritime jurisdictions.

Understanding the complexities of the maritime industry, Itree has worked closely with national and state maritime authorities across Australia and New Zealand for many years. Our solutions reduce the burden on regulatory staff by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on high-value activities that improve productivity. Holistic views of maritime entities, registration, compliance and enforcement activities help you to target inspections and improve decisions, with comprehensive risk assessments that interface with international bodies.

Real solutions for real challenges

Mobility without compromising safety

The challenges of being widely geographically spread, in areas outside of traditional communications coverage, brings complexity and risk to safety management. Allow inspectors to complete their tasks in the field and have confidence that data collected on mobile devices will sync with core systems by using enterprise grade offline and mobile solutions.

Risk assessment through compliance intelligence

Saving lives and protecting our environment is paramount. Knowing which vessels to inspect, when and where, is achieved through providing a holistic view of complaints, notifications, incidents, inspections, seafarers, vessels, owners, and applying risk-based methodology within the context of historical data. Our platform facilitates the ability for regulators to apply more intelligence to compliance activities, averting potential disasters.

Standardise complex compliance, even on the open seas

Support your field officers with a solution that is designed specifically to cater to the complexity of maritime regulation. Conduct domestic and international ship inspections including Port State Control (PSC) inspections that align to internationally agreed standards. Automatically issue notices, infringement and detentions directly on the seas with accuracy and consistency using our enterprise offline capabilities.

Seamless interface nationally and abroad

Our solutions support IHS, Tokyo and Indian Ocean MOU reporting standards, giving you peace of mind that all international reporting obligations will be completed at the correct stages of the registration and licensing process. Our two way integration with APCIS and IOCIS ensure you are leveraging the benefits of data sharing with international regulatory bodies. We make it easy for you to enforce safety standards, industry regulations and formal certifications across a range of industries, by providing you with a single source of truth for all your data.

Key activities performed:
  • Seafarer registration & licencing
  • Vessel registrations certificates
  • Inspections
  • Notices
  • Risk, safety & compliance

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