Sustainable and safe Industry through intelligent regulation.

Itree solutions allow you to analyse field operations data, study the effectiveness of compliance interventions and perform intelligently targeted deployment of resources and enforcement activities. A single, unified repository of compliance data helps you reduce duplication of administrative tasks and streamline enforcement processes, including case management of prosecutions and infringements. Our RegulationWorks® platform allows you to focus on core tasks that safeguard your agency, protect the health and safety of your field officers and educate people on the need to comply with regulations.

Real solutions for real challenges

Protection and safety of field staff

Field work is undertaken in remote, physically challenging and sometimes dangerous conditions. Real-time monitoring of the work environment, with intelligent outputs, protects the health and safety of your inspectors.

Respond effectively with intelligence

With lives at risk, emerging compliance issues need to be addressed with speed and clarity. Authorised staff have access to historical records, inspections, prosecutions, and suspicious activities, to facilitate accurate risk assessment and decision making and determine appropriate enforcement actions.

Full lifecycle operational efficiency

Streamline a broad spectrum of regulatory processes by utilising a single unified repository for all compliance activity data, including permit approvals, inspections, incidents, through to infringements and prosecution. Reduce duplication and allow qualified staff and operators to focus on protecting people and environments.

Grow and protect with effective enforcement

Sustainable resource use, improving productivity and protecting from biological risk are some of the keys to success for industry. Utilise a single platform for full case management of prosecutions and infringements, including workflows that support lodgement through to sentencing.

Key activities performed:
  • Notices
  • Inspections & audit
  • Incident management
  • Offence & breach
  • Investigation & case management
  • Risk, safety & compliance

Itree Platforms:

Domains covered:
  • Growing & Producing
  • Manufacture Processing
  • Food Safety
  • Biosecurity
  • Travel & Recreation
  • Protection & Response