Ensuring safer Roads in our communities, protecting our infrastructure.

Itree has extensive experience developing and supporting solutions for light and heavy vehicle compliance and enforcement. Our vendor agnostic camera solutions, powered by our vehicle regulation platform Transport Safety Suite, protects road assets and improves public safety. Our risk-based screening tools improve productivity, by proactively targeting enforcement of non-compliant vehicles and operators, while proven business rules support consistent enforcement outcomes aligned to state and national legislation.

Real solutions for real challenges

Protecting public safety

Enabling safe and efficient journeys across our road infrastructure is the primary goal. We provide the core regulatory platforms that support camera networks for monitoring speed, average speed, red light, bus lane, and fatigue, in addition to vehicle regulation systems for inspections, screening, and offence notices. We want to keep every person safe for every journey.

Targeted enforcement, driving productivity

After safety, industry productivity and regulator efficiency are of prime importance. Our risk-based workflows, coupled with instant views of compliance history, enable dependable enforcement of non-compliant vehicles and operators through well-informed decision making. We help you reduce on-road inspection times, allowing heavy vehicles to be back on the road quickly.

Consistent outcomes whilst on the move

Our systems support you to investigate the chain of responsibility and provide the necessary chain of evidence. Record information accurately with a single interface and securely encrypt images to create indisputable evidence packs. Make consistent decisions at your desk or using mobile devices whilst in the field, using easy to interpret reporting metrics.

Accelerate processing through integrated data sharing

Improving the speed of assessments and approval of applications will help to drive efficiency in your operations. We facilitate the seamless sharing of cross-border vehicle monitoring information and integrate with multiple existing platforms to allow intelligent decision making, based on your business rules, national and state legislation.

Key activities performed:
  • Camera enforcement
  • Heavy vehicle safety & compliance
  • Intelligent access & permits

Itree Platforms:

Road & Vehicle Transport

Transport Solutions


For management of Programs & Schemes including Intelligent Access Program, National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, and Livestock.

  • Application Management
  • Accreditation Management
  • Entity Management
  • Accreditation Inspections
  • Offences & Investigations


For automated monitoring and management of fatigue, speed (fixed and mobile), average speed, red-light, bus lane, vehicle emissions, over dimension, and off route.

  • Camera Monitoring & Management
  • Telematics Monitoring
  • Incident Processing & Adjudication
  • Travel Time Calculations
  • Authorised Vehicle List
  • Vehicles of Interest
  • Alerts
  • Vendor Performance Auditing
  • Court Evidence Pack


For management of on-road inspections, scheduled inspections, and automated safety stations.

  • Vehicle Intercepts & Inspections
  • Vehicle & Driver Compliance History
  • Offence Notices
  • Notice Approval
  • Infringement Management
  • Activities & Timesheets
  • Shifts & Sessions
  • Site & Region Management
  • Equipment Maintenance