A unified approach to making Transport safe and secure.

Itree solutions provide end-to-end processing, to aide geographically separated business units to assess and approve applications, manage compliance activities and oversee the lifecycle of accredited industry participants. A unified data repository of compliance history, mandatory checklists, configured workflows and comprehensive dashboards help you standardise processes, meet legislative deadlines and ensure consistent decisions are made and recorded.

Real solutions for real challenges

Consistent outcomes with harmonised procedures

Regional operations often struggle with inconsistencies in processes that are aiming to deliver the same national or international functions. Assess and approve applications using standardised workflows, flexibly aligned to legislative requirements and deadlines that can change over time. Maintain a history of Transport Security Plans that can be shared across your organisation and referred to over time.

Transport safety is paramount

Transforming policy into the desired outcomes to protect public safety is of vital importance. Use a unified workflow for compliance activities for education campaigns, to inspections and audits with standard checklists, through to non-compliance notices and follow up on corrective action plans. Improve your ability to ensure citizen safety.

Share data to make informed approval decisions

Single purpose legacy systems don’t readily support the various regulatory teams to work effectively together, particularly in geographically dispersed organisations which can make distilling real intelligence a significant challenge, especially when the stakes are high as they are for national security. Our solutions provide a single view of industry participants, including accreditation and approvals, compliance history and communication points with your agency. Make effective and accurate decisions.

Accuracy and efficiency through automation

Manual preparation of correspondence and official documents, such as legally binding notices, is time consuming, filled with potential errors and often sends an inconsistent message to industry, whilst jeopardising meeting legislative requirements. Automate your communication processes, with uniform reporting, to drive efficiency

Key activities performed:
  • Licencing
  • Risk & intelligence
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Approvals
  • Notices
  • Reporting
  • Access management

Itree Platforms:

Transport Security

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