June 2018

Women in Big Data

Itree's Kirsty Dusting speaking at WiBD event in Canberra

Itree Kirsty Dusting Head of Business Solutions

We are very excited to announce that we had our very own Kirsty Dusting, Head of Business Solutions speak at the Women in Big Data Meeting in Canberra this month.


The goal of the Women in Big Data (WiBD) Forum is to strengthen the diversity in the big data field. As part of this initiative, they encourage and attract more female talent to the big data analytics field and help them connect, engage and grow.


The Women in Big Data Forum is out to champion the success of women in Big Data and to increase women's representation in Big Data to 25% by 2020. Itree celebrate diversity and equally throughout our culture, so to be a part of this, is just wonderful and Kirsty is more than qualified to lead the charge.


Kirsty shares her vision and knowledge about REACH, Our Secure Information Sharing Platform. Kirsty focussed on the product vision which is, to enable organisations to make better decisions by allowing them to securely share, search, link and access information.


As we move forward with REACH, Itree are continuing our journey to become a leader in protecting citizens and helping provide safer communities. The system we are building is helping to protect children at risk – a focus that we are proud to be involved with.


No system currently alerts caseworkers to background information that may exist outside the state they are in, and while protocols exist for the transfer of child protection information, this relies on the agency being aware of the child having moved.


This all becoming possible, thanks to the Business Research and innovation initiative (BRII), this initiative was introduced as part of the national innovation and science agenda to develop and test solutions that respond to public sector challenges.


Being able to make people aware of the what Itree aim to achieve, in the child protection sector, is very important to us and Kirsty did a fantastic job, telling Itree’s story.
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