August 2018

RegulationWorks® v5 has arrived!

Itree RegulationWorks version 5 has arrived!

Itree is ecstatic to announce the latest release of it’s RegTech industry-leading product suite, RegulationWorks®. Working closely over the past year with several government agencies and existing customers as part of the Itree user forum, v5 of RegulationWorks® has enjoyed a major refresh. Enhancements include more intuitive navigation, better team management support, improved searching and speed, vastly improved productivity and an altogether delightful user experience!

The v5 team have taken a user-centred design approach. Meeting regularly with our customer user group, we have listened carefully to their direct feedback throughout the development cycle, feeding it into our iterative design process. We have sincerely appreciated their fantastic ideas and suggestions helping us to truly solve everyday problems for our users.

In parallel, Itree has been consulting with other government agencies and industry to further understand the complex challenges in the RegTech marketplace. This latest RegulationWorks® release has been designed with the evolving needs of compliance, safety, enforcement and regulation in mind. It is adaptable to emerging cloud technology and is ready to integrate with an increasing number of mobility options.

RegulationWorks® v5 highlights

  • Intuitive state-of-the-art clean user interface designed to minimise clicks, making it easy to find what you are looking for
  • Reduced information overload by presenting important information first
  • Increased visibility, tracking and workload management for managers through interactive visual dashboards
  • Valuable insights for more intelligent and informed decision making with ad-hoc reporting capabilities that are easy-to-use
  • Find the information you need quickly with powerful, reliable and relevant search results
  • Effective team collaboration through easy and automated assignment and a clear picture of historical actions and events.

RegulationWorks® v5 was unveiled at the recent Itree Community Forum to an audience that was excited to get a hands-on experience and demonstration of the release. One attendee shared that "It is so great to see there is finally an end-to-end solution for regulators, we have been stitching together point solutions piece by piece and it has been hard work".

Itree’s Head of Business Solutions, Kirsty Dusting commented: "I am thrilled that our team has collaborated so closely with industry and our user group to innovate in ways that benefit real users. Supporting their daily decision making with intelligent solutions is our vision, and we are driven to help our customers get better safety and compliance outcomes. We will strive to continue to be a trusted partner that government agencies and industry can rely on to assist in enhancing safety in our communities. Many thanks to all of our customer user group participants, your feedback has been invaluable!"

The first government department to adopt RegulationWorks® v5 is successfully completing user acceptance testing, with a plan to go live shortly.

To find out how government and industry are making our communities safer using RegulationWorks® v5 or for a product demonstration, please contact us.

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