August 2018

InspectorWorks® Mobile is improving safety outcomes and increasing productivity through automation and intelligence

Itree InspectorWorks Mobile

Itree’s refreshed InspectorWorks® Mobile solution is revolutionising the way that field staff such as Inspectors and Auditors operate while on the move. Increasing productivity, improving data quality, driving higher consistency and better informing decisions, is leading to safer workforces, protecting our communities and environments.

Empower your workforce to focus on the most important tasks, with time saved by reducing double-handling. Intelligent screening helps staff to take appropriate action based on automated risk calculations. Inspections or audits are streamlined from planning through to completion, with access to accurate real-time information, pre-filled data entry, digital evidence capture, instant compliance actions and notice issue, with guided, configurable checklists.

Onboarding new starters is much easier, with targeted, consistent checklists that directly link to legislation, and recommend inspection outcomes. The guided checklists help all users to conform with legislation and make consistent, accurate and appropriate decisions.

The entire regulatory lifecycle is supported by InspectorWorks® from start to completion. Through integration with RegulationWorks®, inspections recorded in the field are linked and available for approval decisions, case management, investigations, reports and analytics. Additionally, if non-compliances are recorded during an inspection, RegulationWorks® intelligently recommends outcomes based entity attributes, previous decisions, and compliance history of linked entities.

By supporting Inspectors in the field, executive decision makers are empowered to make intelligent strategic decisions. Analytic insights gained from improved data quality can inform decisions such as process improvements, policy changes, forward work planning or focussed education campaigns. Workforce performance will see improvements with real-time KPI measuring and monitoring.

Chief Inspector Phillip Brooks from the NSW Police Force, Traffic & Highway Patrol Command recently enjoyed a demo at the Itree Community Forum stating, “from what I have seen this appears to be an impressive platform in terms of heavy vehicle safety & compliance."

InspectorWorks® Mobile has been designed with real users in mind, across a multitude of industries, platforms and devices. Delighting our customers is a driving focus for our team.

Ben Hobby, CEO of Itree, commented, "We have been working hard to build a platform that enables our customers to execute their mobility strategies and rapidly deliver new and improved business services for their customers. This platform now streamlines processes for safety, enforcement, and compliance, providing enhanced productivity, accuracy and efficiency, whilst working anywhere, at any time."

To find out how government and industry are improving safety and increasing productivity in the field using InspectorWorks® Mobile, or for a demonstration, please contact us.

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