August 2018

Secure data sharing platform set to improve agency responses and safety outcomes for our community

REACH, Itree’s secure data sharing platform provides timely access to relevant information resulting in better outcomes for our community while complying with policy and legislation.

Initially designed for securely sharing sensitive information between child protection agencies, Itree has created a cost effective, cloud based solution that can be configured for many industries. For example;

  • Crisis prevention - terrorist events could be prevented with timely sharing of relevant key information between Federal, State and Territory agencies;
  • Enhanced case management - international intelligence agencies such as border security, corruption and anti-money laundering, justice, police and defence will be able to know what data exists, and share as needed very quickly;
  • Person of interest identification - data sharing between State and jurisdiction police departments and intelligence agencies, to quickly and easily identify persons of interest, including repeat offenders that cross borders;
  • Improved employee vetting - high risk employees are easily identified by organisations working with vulnerable citizens, such as in aged care or in high risk environments such as transport. This can be used to share unsafe employment history, streamlining the vetting process and improving the safety of our community.

REACH helps solve the daily challenges experienced by these industries by providing the following benefits:

Privacy is protected by data de-identification in compliance with relevant policy and legislative requirements. The information displayed is as transparent or obscured as required and can be flexibly configured as policies and legislation evolve.

Data is secured by using role based access control, managed through single sign-on integration using SAML v2. REACH’s Search Service API and Data Sharing interface uses trusted digital certificates. All data is securely stored , authenticity is verified, and all access and activity is logged.

Potential matches are easily identified using the intelligent, simple-to-navigate search engine. Each search result displays a match confidence score and highlights the matching attributes. The impact of variable data quality is mitigated through intelligent features such as name permutations, relationship pattern matching, phonetic search and partial matching.

A connected data set are expanded over time through confirmed matches, with REACH actively learning over time to improve match confidence calculation using a growing data set.

Seamless integration with your existing operational systems allows you to be accountable for securing, owning and managing your own systems and data while accessing REACH from within your own systems.

Replace inefficient processes through streamlined information requests using your case management workflow, removing the need for unreliable, in-secure, time-consuming paper based processes and reducing the number of ‘no match’ information requests.

Prevent unauthorised misuse of sensitive data with comprehensive auditing. REACH ensures that all system actions including search and view are audited, providing complete traceability of who has accessed specific records and when.

Flexibility through highly configurable integration ensures that REACH meets the needs and capacity of many industries, also enabling rapid response to changes in legislation, regulations, or other industry needs.

Real-time updates ensure that REACH has the latest information and notifies interested parties when a record of interest changes or becomes available.

Positive user experience. User productivity is optimised by offering responsive feedback and fast searching, a clear, uncluttered interface, focusing on usability, accessibility, and keyboard navigation.

REACH was recently demonstrated to industry and government representatives at the Itree Community Forum, including Jenni Hutchins, CEO, Big Fat Smile who commented, “During my time working with children, I’ve seen the consequences of agencies not having the right information at the right time. If our child protection agencies start using REACH, I have no doubt that they will be better equipped to support families and protect at-risk children from harm.”

Itree is developing REACH as part of the AusIndustry Business Research and Innovation Initiative. For a demonstration or to find out how your organisation can securely share data using REACH, please contact us.

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