September 2018

Itree contributes to local community heroes

The annual RegTech focussed Community Forum event, sponsored by Itree, was a huge success this past August. One of the inspiring elements of the event was the focus on giving back to local charitable organisations who are making a huge difference in the Illawarra region.

Every guest table at the Community Forum had the opportunity during breaks, to contribute by placing their ‘chips’ in to collection jars of their choice. Itree had pre-selected the following charities for any contributions and donations to be made;

  • WWIS – Wollongong Women’s Information Services
  • WEFH - Wollongong Homeless Hub
  • Need a Feed

A total of $2,500 was raised during the Community Forum and subsequently donated to these charities following the event. For those who participated, from the Itree team and from visitors, we thank you!

On 18th September 2018, Ben Hobby, Itree CEO, and Katie Davies, Head of People & Culture at Itree, met with representatives from each of these Illawarra not-for-profit organisations, to discuss how the donations would be used and to learn more about the wonderful community building work being accomplished.

Natasja Witbreuk with Itree CEO, Ben Hobby.

Natasja Witbreuk, representing WWIS (Wollongong Women’s Information Services), described a long history of supporting women in the Illawarra. WWIS is a service run by women for women, offering a safe and welcome space where women can find support and assistance. This wonderful service provides a spectrum of support, anything from a 10-minute chat, to helping with legal aid.

Alison Horne, Mandy Booker and Itree CEO, Ben Hobby.

Mandy Booker, General Manager of WEFH (Wollongong Homeless Hub) and Alison Horne, Senior Admin Officer, shared some of the harrowing stories heard on a daily basis, of people in crisis in the Illawarra who end up on the streets or sleeping in their cars. Homelessness does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone, not just those with addictions or living in unhappy circumstances. WEFH covers a full spectrum of help, for all ages, with the ambition of ensuring everyone has a roof over their heads and a safe place to sleep.

Shaz Harrison-Shaw with Itree CEO, Ben Hobby.

Shaz Harrison-Shaw, founder of Need a feed, shared her personal story behind the motivation to create and drive her praiseworthy cause. Need a Feed supports local families across the Illawarra in a variety of ways, from providing food to personal care items and school supplies, to a regular Friday night home cooked meal held at Bulli church. Multiple local organisations connect families and individuals with Need a feed, also hosting numerous events throughout the year, feeding literally thousands of people. The ‘Need a Coffee’ van based in Globe Lane, Wollongong, provides $1 coffees and lending a listening ear, helps to connect people to multiple support services.

Ben Hobby, Itree CEO, commented: “I am thrilled that in a small, simple way, Itree has been able to co-ordinate for many to make a direct contribution to these highly worthy causes in the Illawarra region. The people in these organisations are very inspiring, and we look forward to our great people donating their time and resources to continue to help.

Please watch this space for more Itree community-driven initiatives coming soon.

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