March 2019

Itree's collaboration with UOW and A/Prof. Rodney J. Clarke PhD.

A/Prof. Rodney J. Clarke PhD

As part of the Innovation Connections Grant, Itree is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with UOW and A/Prof. Rodney J. Clarke PhD.

Rodney J. Clarke has extensive experience researching semantic and communication based approaches to the assessment of risk within business processes and services. The importance of the cultural and organisational environment within which business processes live, has until now, been largely neglected in classical business processes, and A/Prof. Clarke's earlier research has been aimed at breaking new ground in overcoming these shortcomings.

Itree is extremely excited to work together with A/Prof. Clarke, learning from his experience and research to improve our technologies, foster our focus on user experience and user-centred design, and examine the impact that human behaviour has on risk analysis and decision making in regulation.

The Innovation Connections Grant encourages the exploration of new and innovative ways business processes and services may be mapped. Itree continues to pioneer and transform, and looks forward to seeing where this innovation and research may take the future of intelligence in safety, regulation, compliance and enforcement.

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