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Helping to solve complex challenges with solutions that support intelligent decision making. Securely delivered via your preference - SaaS, On-premise, or Hybrid.

Key Features & Unique Strengths


End-to-end regulation

Successfully achieve your digital transformation using our specialist solution for regulators. A unified experience across the entire range of business processes including registration and licencing approvals, requests, compliance monitoring, investigations and enforcement. Monitor the success of your policies via a consolidated data set that provides transparency across the agency.


Consume anywhere

RegWorks supports SaaS, on-premise or hybrid deployment options. The Itree Cloud Services platform is a highly automated, purpose-built hosting solution on the AWS Sydney Region that provides reliable hosting, operations, and security services for Itree SaaS offerings.



Automate your business

Increase the efficiency and consistency of the day-to-day operations of your agency by automating your business processes. Leverage regulatory Artificial Intelligence (RegAI®) to automatically process low risk activities and escalate high risk activities in the workflow. Reduce reliance on staff training and knowledge by guiding users with business rules that reflect your processes. Be responsive to industry and the public using automated correspondence and insights from real-time data showing the history of any transaction with your agency.


Automated data capture and task assignment

Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce manual effort to capture data by supporting multiple channels including mobile devices, portal, email or phone. Ensure integrity of data captured via business rules that are configured for each scenario. Automated pre-verification and allocation of incoming communications to the appropriate work queues.



Flexible solution with self-configuration

Agility to stay aligned with changing policies and legislative requirements with a flexible solution for regulators rather than being limited by a rigid CRM or Case Management system. Be empowered with self-configuration of entity types, forms, business rules, workflows, checklists, templates and reference data. Achieve a rapid implementation by starting with our best practice workflows that we can refine in an iterative manner to suit your business.


Achieve KPIs and statutory obligations

Increase transparency to ensure your business unit reliably delivers its function. Stay on top of work using dashboards, work queues and reminders that help manage task assignments. Focus on high priority activities and ensure they are completed within the statutory time limits.



Make informed decisions

Be empowered with easy access to the key information so your staff make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently. Enable risk-based decision making and target compliance monitoring by providing the complete history of entities to authorised users. Ensure policies are being followed using automated suggestions of appropriate actions from Artificial Intelligence (RegAI®) that is tuned to your business.


Linked entities

Visualise links between associated entities and identify previous activities they have been involved in. Ensure your staff are clearly informed of known risks when granting permissions to operate or imposing sanctions on an organisation or individual.



Ensure data privacy

Maintain privacy by sharing private data at the record level to authorised users on a need-to-know basis. Enable covert activities to be conducted by allowing a restricted set of personnel to access sensitive data while preventing awareness of that data for other personnel. Preserve the chain-of-evidence to support incidents of non-compliance. All data access and changes are logged ensuring traceability from end-to-end.


Operational and ad-hoc reporting

Easy KPI reporting from unified data sets across all your agency’s functions. Ad-hoc reporting provides insights and enables data-driven recommendations. Quickly respond to ministerial requests for information.



Standard integrations

RegWorks integrates with many standard products such as authentication. document management, BI analytics and geospatial systems. In addition, our standards based API framework provides flexible integration with your technology ecosystem ensuring a single source of truth for key information and a streamlined user experience for your team.


Module Licenses

Utilise configured standard workflows, consume per module.


Operational and occupational licensing made simple.

LicenceWorks® supports the full range of occupational and operational licensing regimes enabling regulators to productively manage the entire application and renewal process, review eligibility and approval of licences to an individual or organisation.


Approved access to infrastructure.

AccessWorks® streamlines regulatory approvals, which helps you to manage the submission, review, and approval of permits for industry participants who require special or restricted access to infrastructure assets such as roads, airports, ports, and other natural resources.


A source you can rely on.

RegistrationWorks® supports the registration of industry owned assets, such as vehicles, vessels, aircrafts, or any other asset that must meet strict standards relating to integrity, safety or community accepted limits. As a high integrity register, RegistrationWorks® maintains a detailed set of attributes, ownership history and full transaction history for the lifetime that the asset is tracked.


Intelligent Enforcement.

EnforceWorks® supports the enforcement process from evidence capture through to prosecution and appeal. The enforcement pyramid is used to assist decision makers to make consistent, appropriate and fair enforcement decisions based on the severity of an offence, compliance history of the industry participants, and previous enforcement decisions.


Provide information and advice.

InfoWorks® facilitates the provision of information in relation to freedom-of-information requests, administrative requests and industry advice requests. It increases productivity and reduce response time by tracking receipt and vetting of requests, collation of information, internal reviews and response management. Automated human intelligence assists users to respond more efficiently to repeat requests.


Respond to incidents and complaints.

ResponseWorks® supports your workforce to effectively respond to incidents and complaints from automated risk-based triage and assignment and gathering information through to recording decisions and managing SLAs. It improves the focus of your workforce and provides real-time updates to relevant stakeholders.


Complete case management.

DecisionWorks® supports end-to-end case management, including gathering evidence, tracking compliance actions, identifying links and trends, providing recommendations and recording outcomes. It improves case management productivity and increases the use of intelligence in investigations to ensure tactical decisions are consistent with strategic objectives.


On the move enforcement.

InspectorWorks® provides field officers with access to real-time information in the field. It helps to improve on location decision making and automate traditional paper-based tasks, keeping field productivity high. It improves the accuracy and timeliness of data, delivers unified processing of intercepts and inspections, advances offence management and targets enforcement of high-risk areas more effectively.


coming soon

ResourceWorks® handles rostering, timesheets and activity reporting for staff working in government agencies or connected contract delivery operations. The solution is ideal for public sector regulators who need to track, maintain and certify fixed and mobile assets, to ensure the integrity of the agency.

RegWorks Core Platform Inclusions

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