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We help you process large volumes of registration and licensing transactions, so you can improve productivity and reduce processing costs, while maintaining the security and integrity of your data.

Operational Licensing
Occupational Licensing


Single view of a customer

Speed up registration and licensing renewals with complete visibility of your customers’ details, history, related activities and related parties from a single screen. There’s no need to switch screens; all the information you need is displayed on a single user-friendly interface, to help you make informed decisions.


Access to all the information you need

Our registration and licensing solutions can integrate with third-party products, in-house systems, and external national registers so you have access to all essential information in order to make an approved change to the register.



Integrated alerts

Harmonise regulatory decisions across your organisation with the use of configured business rule alerts. Our solutions provide notification to registration officers of outstanding issues relating to industry participants such as recalls, conditions of interest, prohibition orders and non-payments when processing applications.


Streamlined application processing and workflows

Manage registration and licensing applications with ease, through built-in workflows that guide you to progress applications through to certificate generation. Our solutions allow you to apply consistent business rules, use guided checklists, record decisions and obtain further information or consent from stakeholders. Each workflow can be configured to your regulations, so that correct processes are followed before any changes to the record can be made.



Receive and process applications online

You have the ability to extend your service delivery to self-service portals that allow industry participants to transact without the need to attend high outlay registry offices. Self-service allows a large part of the transaction processing to be completed by the industry with an optional final fast review and approval provided by registration officer - requiring minimal data entry to complete the transaction.


Licence management

For approved licences, our solutions continue to manage the licence throughout its lifecycle including scheduled checks, recording of audit results and corrective actions, renewals, sanctions and orders. During this time, file notes and multimedia attachments can be added or viewed using a licensee’s contact history. In cases where sanctions are applied, the solution allows alerts to be visible during future assessments for the same applicant.


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Our RegulationWorks® core platform modules are the foundation of our constantly evolving software solutions. These can operate independently as a single component or can be extended over time to create a unified business solution, that integrates with your existing enterprise network applications.









Transport Safety Suite (TSS)

TSS has been specifically designed to support required regulatory outcomes from the use of cameras and other monitoring systems that regulate the compliance and enforcement of all safety matters. Itree solutions monitor and report on speed, fatigue, mass, dimensions, emissions and other road safety aspects. We also arm inspectors with valuable real time information to aide improved decision-making in the field.

Camera Enforcement System (CES)



Vehicle Regulation Management (VRM)

Heavy Vehicle Rating (HVR)

Intelligent Access Compliance Database (IACD)

Cashback System