Simplifying time and asset management

Regulators manage people and assets to deliver government programmes that benefit the community with an expectation these programmes are operated with efficiency, safety and integrity. Our solutions simplify time and asset management for regulators by handling scheduled audits and the certification, tracking and maintenance of assets used to operate agency enforcement programmes.

Equipment Certifications
WH&S monitoring
Rostering and Timesheets
Programme Management
Training and Quality Auditing


Monitor WH&S of field officers

In the day to day of performing their regulatory duties, sometimes field officers find themselves in engagements with industry and the community that place them at high risk of harm. Our resource management solutions can be configured to monitor the location, and last activity touch point of an officer which can raise alerts based on the loss of communication or risk profile of certain activities such as when operating in remote or high risk situations.


Performance reporting

Our resource management solutions help you to manage and report on the activity against work programmes. Comprehensive reports help you understand how your agency is performing in relation to your KPIs and strategic priorities.



Track training and qualifications of regulatory officers

Our resource management solutions ensure that the right authorised people are certified to maintain equipment or are authorised to prepare statements for evidence. Configurable business rules account for training, competencies and qualifications required to perform activities such as inspections, asset maintenance, auditing and certification.


Automatic reminders

The regulator can specify maintenance and certification schedules to match the legal and safety requirements of the regulators assets. Notifications, escalations and site visits are optimised based on staff competencies, locations, availability and the required task. Technical faults can be raised and tracked through a configurable workflow and take into account external personnel.



Track standards accreditation of your business areas

If your business units operate under a standards accreditation such as quality, our solutions offer the ability to track the certification processes of these offices and monitor and track non-conformances. Built in reminders and operational dashboards support the processes for the audit team.


Workforce mobility

Our solution is fully mobile enabled allowing staff to complete equipment audits and certifications, view rosters and record timesheets without having to return to the office.



Integrated asset management and tracking

The asset management component of our solutions provides the ability for regulators to configure custom fields and workflows to track and manage all asset types. By integrating to barcode readers, RFID and GPS technologies, staff are able to instantly identify assets and know their status, location, and provide a real-time graphic display for large mobile assets (e.g. rolling stock, vehicles) using spatial or stylised maps.


Simplified Timesheets

Timesheets for staff are pre-populated from the planned roster or refined using actual work performed in any of the solutions. This prompts staff to quickly review, amend and submit timesheets with efficiency, confidence and accuracy.


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Our RegulationWorks® core platform modules are the foundation of our constantly evolving software solutions. These can operate independently as a single component or can be extended over time to create a unified business solution, that integrates with your existing enterprise network applications.









Transport Safety Suite (TSS)

TSS has been specifically designed to support required regulatory outcomes from the use of cameras and other monitoring systems that regulate the compliance and enforcement of all safety matters. Itree solutions monitor and report on speed, fatigue, mass, dimensions, emissions and other road safety aspects. We also arm inspectors with valuable real time information to aide improved decision-making in the field.

Camera Enforcement System (CES)



Vehicle Regulation Management (VRM)

Heavy Vehicle Rating (HVR)

Intelligent Access Compliance Database (IACD)

Cashback System