Powerful insight using risk

The community increasingly expects regulators to have a holistic view of compliance and to always operate with total clarity and transparency. Our risk and intelligence solutions help to achieve this by consolidating disparate sources of data into a reliable intelligence resource that can be used to enhance decision making capabilities of all stakeholders including regulators, the industry and consumers.

Risk Rating Calculations
Data Consolidation
Linking Relevant Data
Enterprise Reporting
Powerful Searching
Intelligence Repository


Unified intelligence repository

Our solutions allows source systems to share intelligence gathered for entities and events through a common intelligence repository. Detailed and searchable intelligence on entities (persons, organisations, locations, vehicles, vessels , aircraft etc) that is associated with other entities or events (such as ownership, meetings, sightings, inspections etc.) is made available in a form suitable for investigations and decision making.


Intelligence led decision making

At the core of all our solutions is the ability to allow a regulator to be proactive and identify risks not be apparent from isolated day-to-day dealings. Our solutions collate history across existing data sources and touch points within our products to provide a statistical measure of the compliance of individual entities against the entire population. This statistical measure or “rating” is available to assist every part of the regulatory decision making process.



Identify the risks

Our risk and intelligence solutions allows identification of high risk behaviour that can be used for investigation, enforcement targeting, or as input to policy formulation at a business unit or enterprise level. Ratings can be produced on aspects such as geographic location, industry category, segment or accreditation for a configured set of events and weightings – allowing comparisons to be made. Using business configurable watch lists, the regulator can identify patterns of non-compliance and trends in industry behaviour, or monitor high risk parties.


Robust reporting

We offer powerful reporting capabilities that allow you to create operational, management and KPI reports in minutes, so you can monitor your performance. Reports can be automated for maximum productivity, or adjusted to support individual roles, service level agreements and ministerial requirements. You can extract data to create a risk profile for specific vehicles and operators, or determine trends that will impact resourcing and budgets. The result? Better data that helps you make better decisions.



Encourage compliant behaviour

Rating compliant behaviour can be used to encourage industry participants to value key regulatory outcomes (e.g. safety) by allowing a regulator to calculate a fair and accurate “star” rating which can then be published for consideration by the consumers of industry services.


Accuracy and quality control

Each recorded item of intelligence is automatically associated to a validated entity and an admiralty code is assigned to the association. Calculated ratings, are produced objectively and constrained to high-trust factual data using robust calculations and verified algorithms.


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Our RegulationWorks® core platform modules are the foundation of our constantly evolving software solutions. These can operate independently as a single component or can be extended over time to create a unified business solution, that integrates with your existing enterprise network applications.









Transport Safety Suite (TSS)

TSS has been specifically designed to support required regulatory outcomes from the use of cameras and other monitoring systems that regulate the compliance and enforcement of all safety matters. Itree solutions monitor and report on speed, fatigue, mass, dimensions, emissions and other road safety aspects. We also arm inspectors with valuable real time information to aide improved decision-making in the field.

Camera Enforcement System (CES)



Vehicle Regulation Management (VRM)

Heavy Vehicle Rating (HVR)

Intelligent Access Compliance Database (IACD)

Cashback System