Keeping communities safe

We dramatically improve your ability to take a risk-based approach to compliance, that meets community expectations of safe and compliant industries balanced against the need for increased productivity of the regulator and industry.

Risk Screening
Complaints Handling
Incident Management


Single view of an industry participant

Our solutions provide you with a holistic view of the agency’s data, with a single source of truth across your entire organisation. All registration, licensing, compliance and enforcement information relating to an industry participant is visible at each interaction, enabling field officers and investigators the power to make the right decision.


Incident management

Our solutions help you manage incidents and record breaches, with tracking tools to help you determine the costs of the damage to your agency. Security reports are automatically generated, making it easy to brief security officers or produce documentation for court cases.



An end-to-end solution for safety and compliance

Our solutions help you manage every stage of safety and compliance processes from monitoring, screening, intelligence collation, complaint, incident recording and management through to the inspection, investigation, and sanction. Comprehensive rules and checklists help regulatory officers follow standardised processes to ensure compliance activities are consistent with regulatory policy and standards. Every module in your solution is carefully designed with your organisation’s needs in mind, so you can target high-risk customers and maximise staff resources effectively.


Risk screening and targeting

Our solutions support a risk based approach to compliance starting with screening of the industry participants against known risk factors and metrics to provide intelligent compliance coverage of the industry, leveraging the best use of regulator resources. This also means compliant industry operators and individuals are rewarded through infrequent albeit random intercepts in contrast to more targeted inspections for higher risk non-compliant or recidivist offenders.



Streamlined workflows

Our built-in workflows support a range of standardised processes, such as inspection types, checklists and forms. We can configure workflows to suit your agency, such as adding new inspection types to your workflow. Each workflow is carefully designed to streamline compliance management, with built-in roles that align to Australian and New Zealand government agencies.


A highly productive mobile workforce

Empower your field officers to stay productive wherever they are, with real-time data that improves decision-making and reduces the need to return to the office. We’ve combined the latest mobile technology with offline capabilities, so your field officers can create inspection notices, schedule inspections and follow-ups, and manage compliance activities with ease.


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Our RegulationWorks® core platform modules are the foundation of our constantly evolving software solutions. These can operate independently as a single component or can be extended over time to create a unified business solution, that integrates with your existing enterprise network applications.









Transport Safety Suite (TSS)

TSS has been specifically designed to support required regulatory outcomes from the use of cameras and other monitoring systems that regulate the compliance and enforcement of all safety matters. Itree solutions monitor and report on speed, fatigue, mass, dimensions, emissions and other road safety aspects. We also arm inspectors with valuable real time information to aide improved decision-making in the field.

Camera Enforcement System (CES)



Vehicle Regulation Management (VRM)

Heavy Vehicle Rating (HVR)

Intelligent Access Compliance Database (IACD)

Cashback System